Availability and availability of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables

  • Urban and peri-urban agriculture and their importance in the production of nutritious, sustainable and safe food.
  • Food deserts and food swamps.
  • Reduction of losses and waste of fruits and vegetables.
  • Agrifood industry innovation for the production of healthy and affordable food.
  • Role of the sector in the sustainable development goals. Spain, production of nutritious and safe fruits and vegetables.
  • Sustainable use of natural resources in the production, distribution and marketing of fruits and vegetables.

Improvement of eating habits and food environment

  • Trends in consumption and the adjustment of policies to promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Communication and marketing in fruits and vegetables.
  • Public policies for the promotion of fruits and vegetables consumption and their contribution to food and nutritional security, for a healthy life.
  • Healthy eating throughout the life span: Promotion of healthy and active lifestyles.
  • Facilitating environments (school, work, community) of healthy eating, prescription of fruit and vegetables in health settings, food based dietary guideline, food literacy.
  • Consumer awareness to drive the change of eating habits.
  • Horticultural innovation to facilitate fruits and vegetables consumption.

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